Unwanted Hair

Elite Aesthetic Center

Unwanted hair is common on the upper lip, cheeks, back, the chin, fingers, legs, lower abdomen, bikini line, feet, and toes. Hair removal has become very popular in most cultures.
All body areas can be treated and all skin types.
Laser will not work on blonde hair, grey hair or white hair.
Treatments are about 9 sessions, on average.
Sessions range anywhere from 4-8 weeks apart depending on body area treated.
The FDA has said we can call Permanent Hair Reduction - which means it is no 100% permanently removed. It will reduce most peoples hair anywhere from 80 to 90%
There is minimal discomfort.
For sensitive areas such as bikini area and underarms, we use a topical anesthetic numbing cream, included in the price.
We sell treatments by packages which includes a total of 9 sessions which provides the best value or you can pay one session at a time.
We offer complimentary consultations at which time pricing will be determined.
If you purchase one area - you save 50% on any additional area if treatment is completed at the same time.
We have Saturday appointments available.
Our 1064 ND Yag laser is safe on ALL skin types.

Treatments Offered

Laser Hair Removal is the only option we offer here.