Melasma is a very common skin disorder that causes dark skin discoloration due to sun-exposed areas to the face. Usually this occurs to women with brownish skin tones. This condition is often associated with the female hormones of progesterone and estrogen. It is especially common in women who are taking oral contraceptives, women taking hormone replacement therapy, and pregnant women.

Treatments Offered

Melasma is the same thing as  hyperpigmentation - but it usually has a hormonal cause. Difficult to cure. Can improve and manage. #1 Protocol _ GOOD SUNSCREEN and avoidance of sun. The Melanage Peel works great on this. Will most likely have to stay on a brightening cream to control the melanocyte cells from over producing melanin. Laser not the best option as the "heat" from the laser can make melasma worse.

Melasma is effectively treated in our facility by the following services:

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